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The GP10 from Ketron is a high-quality 88-key digital piano. The keys have weighted hammer action and offer three levels of touch sensitivity to perfectly recreate the feel of an acoustic piano. 16 realistic voices are preprogrammed into the GP10, including grand, rock, and electric pianos, vibes, strings, choir, and more.

A dual mode allows you to choose two of the included voices simultaneously, while a split function divides the keyboard so that one half plays one voice while the other half plays a different voice. The GP10 offers excellent connectivity, with MIDI in, out, and thru connectors for connection to a keyboard or other MIDI device. Stereo inputs and outputs allow you to connect amplifiers, mixers, speakers, audio players, and more. Two headphone outputs are provided, perfect for private lessons or duets.

Reverb and chorus effects are included to add richness to your sound. A sustain pedal input allows you to connect a pedal for piano-like expression. A two-track sequencer is provided that allows you to record up to eight songs for future playback, a useful feature for studying and practicing. For excellent features at an affordable price, the GP10 is a great choice for any living room.

Key Features


88 keys with weighted hammer action and three levels of touch sensitivity for a realistic piano feel

16 realistic voices, including grand, rock, electric, upright, and honky piano, as well as vibes, strings, choir, and more

Split and dual modes allow you to divide the keyboard between two voices, or assign to voices to the entire keyboard simultaneously

Stereo inputs and outputs allow you to connect speakers, mixers, amplifiers, music players, and more. MIDI in, out, and thru connectors let your piano communicate with other MIDI devices

Two stereo headphone outputs are perfect for private lessons and duets

A two-track sequencer lets you record up to eight different songs to the internal memory for later playback

Volume and brilliance controls are provided on the front panel for easy adjustments

A sustain pedal input allows you to connect an optional pedal for further control over your sound

Chorus and reverb effects add richness to your playing

Transpose and pitch adjustment functions let you modify your sound to match singers, acoustic instruments, or prerecorded music

A built-in metronome keeps you on tempo; a great practice tool