Ketron Midjay Plus

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The Midjay Plus is the new version of the Midjay, with a wavetable of 64 MB (double compared with the standard version), a greater variety of new sounds (including a stereo grand piano), drum sets and grooves. Thanks to the new sonic generation, the Midjay Plus can reproduce with greater balance and fidelity both styles and midifiles and offers new possibilities in the voice section as well.

The arranger section is totally new and includes 140 new styles derived from the Ketron SD5/SD3; this means that the Midjay Plus can offer the best unplugged, pop, swing, folk, latin and ballroom styles.

Improved is also the DJ Loop section, with new ambience sounds, especially in the chill out, lounge and dance sections.

The Midjay Plus comes with an 80 Gb hard disk, where is possibile to store a huge quantity of files, in Wav, MP3 and Midi formats.

The new display, with a 320x240 resolution, ensures a better navigation among the directories, while a new contrast control enables the user to adapt the display to the most disparate working situations. For those who want a wider visualization, the Midjay Plus can be connected to an external VGA monitor.

The new operative system (an improvement of the former version 4.0) reduces considerably the booting time and offers a complete support for both Windows Vista and Mac OS X.